Happy Holidays from Toucan!

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Happy Holidays from Toucan!

This year, the characters from our Basher books have leapt off the page and into Target with the help of our friends at Mattel. It’s been an amazing journey from working with Mattel to create the toys, card game, and playsets to seeing them as prototypes to finding them in Targets across the U.S. 

By now, the toys and card games have been in Target for nearly a year and I am still thrilled every time I go into a Target store and see them there. Simon Basher and I have also gotten a big kick out seeing the unwrapping videos that so many kids have posted on YouTube. 

'Tis the season to give gifts and any budding little scientists will love these gorgeous little collectibles or one of the larger play sets. Check out my favourite, the Basher Science Cosmic Space Station Playset.


Basher Flyer