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Series and Sets

Mini-series for the BBC

Mini-series for the BBC

Four series of books to accompany major history and natural history TV series, such as The Blue Planet. Each one packed with fascinating facts, stories and photos.

Continuity series for Reader's Digest

Continuity series for Readers Digest

Knowledge Quest combines the fun and immediacy of a quiz with the in-depth information of a reference book. We have produced five major series for Reader's Digest to date.

Series Completed for Reader's Digest

Series Completed for Readers Digest

  • Discover the World (17 volumes, 1998-2003)
  • The Eventful Century (14 volumes, 1996-9)
  • The Earth, Its Wonders, Its Secrets (16 volumes, 1994-7)
  • Journeys into the Past (18 volumes, 1993-6)
  • People and Places (15 volumes, 1989-93)