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Zany Miscellany

This isn't your average, everyday, ordinary encyclopedia - not even close! It's a collection of thousands of incredibly crazy and highly addictive facts about anything and everything you've ever wanted to know about, in no particular order. That's what makes it so zany! Find all the "flop ten" lists (not the ten best, but the ten worst), follow the wormholes that lead you to other pages, discover something random in the goof-a-thons (mistakes with a happy ending, like cornflakes), or impress your teachers with "nerd words" (like neutrino)! You'll learn...
  • Someone who picks there nose all the time is a rhinotillexomaniac.
  • The first roller-coaster track was built in Paris in 1804.
  • A liger is a cross between a lion and a tiger.
Plus the answers to fun questions you probably never thought to ask:
  • Why are flamingos pink?
  • What's the definition of placebo?
  • When were the first in-flight meals served on airplanes?
The Scholastic Zany Miscellany is the ultimate book of bite-size facts you've always wanted!

Published by Scholastic
112 pages, 240 x 203 mm