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Designing, Choosing, and Maintaining Easy-care Plantings

Using Perennials as your guide, you can create a garden that will remain beautiful and carefree for years to come - just buy once, plant once, and enjoy year after year. No matter how big your garden is - whether your borders stretch away into the distance or you have only a little corner to cram with colour - this book will help you create the garden of your dreams to enjoy season after season.

The first section shows one how to create great-looking, trouble-free gardens by mixing perennial flowers with grasses, shrubs, annuals and bulbs. The second section introduces one to a whole alphabet of appealing plants. Illustrated with over 300 beautiful photographs of irresistible plants and inspiring gardens.

Special features include:

  • A detailed A-to-Z plant directory of more than 100 perennials.
  • At-a-glance charts provide handy reference for selecting plants by colour, height, foliage, fragrance, growing conditions, and more.
  • GreenTHUMBS sidebars feature tricks for designing, growing and caring for your plants.
  • Perfect Partner sidebars spotlight plants that will make wonderful combinations when grown together.

Published by Reader's Digest
Hardback, 256 pages, 248 x 215 mm